Come along to Morapoi Station for a completely unique
Indigenous cultural experience.



Less than a 2 hour drive north from Kalgoorlie, on the edge of Australia’s red centre, this ancient land has been home to Wangkatha people for thousands of years. Morapoi Indigenous Station Stay offers visitors the opportunity to experience this fascinating part of Australia through the cultural heritage of the Wangkatha people.

Visit truly breathtaking, historically significant locations , discover how the Wangkatha are able to read signs in the lanscape around them, learn how to find bushtucker or track wildlife, listen to ancient dreamtime stories around an open campfire and fall asleep under a blanket of stars.

For families, schools, churches or corporate groups looking for a truly memorable and inspiring cross-cultural experience, Morapoi Station offers vistors a warm welcome and chance to connect with this ancient land and the people who have inhabited it for over 40,000 years.

‘Ngyala Bitha’ - We invite you to come along and experience Morapoi Station